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The edwardian age had so many limitations on the have and have nots. The clothes were beautiful, the fabrics divine. We can only see them in museums and not touch.The colors made from flowers and vegetable dyes. The softness of silk that clung to your figure. Corsets so tight you could barley breath. The cause of pushing your organs in places they should not be. It is funny that now it is used as the corset diet to give you a small waist. Side note: When I was young I was a waitress at a restaurant where you had to dress as a wentch. We were tied into corsets everyday. I must say I did have a great waist. Any way life in the upstairs had so many more restrictions but also more luxury. It seems to be the we are all still drawn to that word so much. Could it be that we believe that we deserver it after our Grand parents had suffered to attain it. Again Dear readers I look forward to your thoughts and stories. Lets see what you come up with and who’s we will post.

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