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The Edwardian Era

Posted by pj bundy on

We take the meaning of " The Edwardian Era" to be one of great glamor and beauty. But reality is much different. We did not have the freedoms that we have today. In dress, dating, manners, lifestyles. It is amazing how TV and the movies can glamorize the history. I love the jewelry from that era as we can tell by my designs but also the history of the have and have nots. I will continue to blog on this for weeks to come as the Downtown Abby season is about to start. I ask that all of you send me stories you might have of family of that era as well as photos of jewelry from family and friends. Pj Bundy Collection " Dare to be Different" Resplendent my favorite word.

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  • Very nice indeed – I love your seoicteln of well-dress and accessorised ladies – some of my favourites there. I have given up on blogging for the time being – lack of response from my 80+ followers got me disheartened along the way but I’m still following some of my faves including your own blog. Prosit

    Tanaka on
  • Just want to give a general thank you for the blog. I am in my fitefis now (it comes upon one very suddenly!) and have been feeling like I have disappeared from view. I realise that it is up to me to make a reappearance and not feel that I shouldn’t draw attention to myself or make a spectacle of myself, in fact I should do the exact opposite. Your blog is very inspirational, thanks once more

    Manuel on

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