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Run way verses the real world

Posted by pj bundy on

Runway verses the real world

Did you ever notice when you watch a designers runway show that they seldom show accessories with there designs?  Did you ever wonder why?  Well it is because they want you to see the outfit not the model warring it. Think can you remember what the woman look like?  In a magazine they add the accessories to the page for you to see how a outfit goes together.  This way you remember the pieces.  In the movies they use the accessories for you to remember the moment.  The jewelry will stay with you forever.  You will remember the face for the person who is warring it, the way it light up her eyes , the romantic thought..  They way you will perceive it and that feeling will belong to you alone.   This is why I want my readers and those who ware my pieces to feel.  The excitement show on your faces adn for that reason alone people will remember you.  Not always what you have on but for the way it makes them feel.

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