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Posted by pj bundy on

Edwardian bow from 1920’s turquoise hearts is a example of how to take old and new and create a necklace that will be worn today

The Edwardian era was one of great romance that is why the bow was part of designs of the time. I took the romance of then and the heart of today to create a sweetheart necklace to ware with a Beautiful white button down shirt open at the neck , collar turned up or a black turtleneck. Jean Jacket or black blazer. Larger to match what we ware today.

Did you ever wonder why woman's buttons are on the opposite side then mens? Read tomorrows blog and I will tell you why. Hope your day goes well. Look forward to hear from you and your thoughts on design. Pj Bundy Collection

Dare To Be Different

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  • Janice Carnevale – I’ve been looking at this necackle since the MOMA catalog arrives. Still haven’t decided to spend so much on a necackle. But the Etsy knock offs aren’t doing it for me, so I might have to.

    Okky on
  • i came across this witesbe and have fallen in LOVE with the exact ring on this contact page. is there any information you can give me on it? price? availability etc? i am very interested if its not too much

    Jeffrey on

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