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Romance of the time

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The Romance of the Time

First as promised, the reason the buttons on lady’s clothes are on the opposite side is because woman were dressed They did not dress themselves. So it was much easier for the woman who were dressing you to button your clothes.

For most of us this seams foreign, as we were taught as children how to dress ourselves. We loved having our privacy. Even in a store dressing room we do not like the clerks to interrupt our private space.

I guess if we were brought up in that era of privilege it would be second nature. The more I learn about those times the more questions I have. As most of you I love to watch Downton Abbey and other period shows. I love the romance of the time. But truly how much romance was there if you had to be married, to be taken care of. I love the independence we have as woman today and ask myself many times what kind of woman would I have been then. I think I would have pushed boundaries as I do now.

I think, would I have thrown away the corset ? Or would I have considered it a right of passage? How many of you remember being a little girl ,getting your first Bra or stockings? I remember. I myself did not like it but then again I was a tom boy for sure. I rode horses and was a wild child. I loved the bohemian style as it had the romance of the past but the freedom of the day. How many of you remember that time with fondness too? I would love to hear your stories. Tomorrow is another day. I enjoy writing to all of you so thank you for your comments and post.

Remember “Dare To Be Different” Pj Bundy

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