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Somewhere In Time

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This is one of the movies that lead me to the love of the era of the turn of the century.

I have asked myself many times.  Was it the clothing that I love so much, or the structure.  Was it the beauty of the big homes or that people seamed so refined.  The time appeared to be romantic.  Yes I understand it was movies written to enhance the day, but as a easily influenced young girl I bought in.  I wanted so much to go back in time.  I read everything I could about that era.  When the movie came out called Somewhere In Time I was drawn into the ability to time travel.  To go back in time to smell, dress, and feel as it was in the era I had become obsessed with would be fantastic.  To have been a actor being able to take part in a film that would allow you to dress and amerce yourself into that time period would be a dream come true.  No I never got to do any of that, instead I took it on to talk to as many people who lived or worked in these mansions at the turn of the century became my way of getting to know and experiencing first had became my joy.  I started to collect clothing from that era from some of the woman who had them in there closets and there children did not want them.  Shoes, stockings and yes jewelry.  The stories that came with these acquisitions were intoxicating.  It made you feel that you were connecting to the past.  The stories brought to life that which were only words in a book,  from someone who lived them.  I loved even the old furniture that was given to me from some of these homes.  I felt comfortable with them around me.  Now my joy comes from recreating jewelry from pieces that are from the past that has a story I love to share with my clients.  I have been asked many times , how can you keep up with demand. You will need to have your pieces replicated overseas.  But I think not. I like the real thing.  I will just have to make as many as I can and create a waiting list...

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