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Filoli Estate

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When I talk about the past era’s do any of you find one in your mind that you would like to go back to?  I asked this of My mother who lived through the depression and wwII. And she did not answer.  I didn’t  press her on the details but I could feel the smile in her thoughts as she went back in time.  I open myself up to you in hopes that you too will have the same feelings and send me your stories so we can share only what you want.  I must say I have had many privileges in my life to meet so many people I would love to share more of them with you in the near future.  One place you may know is the home where Dynasty was filled.  The wonderful woman who owned it became a acquaintance of mine.  The home was resplendent ,as were the grounds.  One movies that was  shot there after Mrs. Roth moved out and left her home, was the Warren Beatty Film  “ Heaven can wait”. Mrs. Roth had given or sold most of the contents of the home and Mr. Beatty did his best to buy back things and then added back what he could to bring the home back to life. The home is ow a trust and can be seen on tour.  Te next film shot there was Dynasty ,with exception of the grounds the home was a set that was built to look like it. The problems was the staircase was built on the wrong side for filming and a few other things.    The first owners and builders were the Bourn Family a gold baron.  The name Filoli came from his motto Fight for a just cause,Love your fellow man, and Live a good life. I must say he and his family did until they passed.  It is because of him that San Francisco still has some of the best drinking water.  The family that bought it next was the Roth Family.  That would be Matson shipping lines. The big cargo ships that came across the ocean bring us al the wonderful goods from Europe and Asia.  Well I got to know Mrs Roth and she filled me in on many things of that time period.  Again I was inthralled by all she had to share.  I really liked that woman. I will share some of her divine stories later at a different time. I just would like you to feel part of that world as I did. It is like when we here the back stories we are there at that time. You can find  yourself in the past and all its finery. You can hear the language and revel in how it was spoken then without the Ugh and yea or What the … It is our language that was spoken so eloquently . The manners that we have known but rarely see any of now lives in those stories and times.  Yes I do miss it. How about you.  Please write your thoughts and stories I am interested.  Till then “ Dare to be Different”

Pj Bundy

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