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Shiny Shoes

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 Shiny Shoes

Do you remember your parents always telling you to shine your shoes.  If you were a girl you had to polish your white saddle shoes.  At night I had to polish my shoes before I went to bed.  You know I had not thought about that until today.  I was at the dentist and we were talking about our child hood and using fountain pens for cursive.  Our children can not read a note if I write this way.  They are so use to computers  and printing is all they can read.  


My Mom use to tell me about my grandfather who said if you want to look poor don’t shine your shoes but if you want to look well groomed shine your shoes.  To this day I still stop in the airport to have my shoes shined. 

This man today was telling me about his 92 year old Mom who no matter how hard he tries is never enough.  He had a week off of work and did not shave, he went to go visit his Mom in the assisted home she lives in and the staff though he was homeless.  His Mom is so angry and embarrassed that he has not heard the end of it.  I felt sorry for him as I could see the pain he was in.  The truth is his Mom remembers how it use to be.  It is hard to change for a older person.  If you think about it we have trouble changing too.  A thank you note comes in the form of a email or text maybe a phone call.  The personal exchange is extinct.

 Woman of that era were brought up on tradition and position and have spent there lives trying to hang on and continue them.  In a way I wish they had not failed.  I am glad for the movies and tv shows of that era , that remind us of the time when good manners and grooming were still part of our daily life.  To continue to create jewelry from the times is a gift, one I thank all of you for loving as much as I do.  When you own one you will know its story and mine as well.  

PJ Bundy

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