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Fashion In All Of Us

Posted by pj bundy on


Each of us can smell, taste, and feel fashion. It is in all of us. Sometimes buried but it is always there you just have to seek it out.

When I was young I was defiantly a tom boy. Climbed trees, rode horses dressed like a boy. When I arrived into my mid twenties , my friends asked me why I was not more famine . I must say I always liked boys . I had never been asked that question before but figured I needed to explore myself for the answer. First I asked my friends to dress me in a more famine way ,

makeup , clothes and all. It was a big adjustment for me and it took me time to find my own style that I felt comfortable in.

Growing up in the era I did there was not many brakes on life or love, this mad me feel uncomfortable. When I say no brakes it means the summer of love had no


boundaries. I was defiantly a victorian girl with a twist. I loved the clothes of the era and there elegance. I also appreciated the line of respect between men and woman but did not like the line that I could not do something that interested me because I was a woman. I believed in woman's rights but I also wanted to be treated like a lady. People told me you can not have it both ways and I said why not. I treat a man with the respect he deserves even though he can hunt and fish and work, why can he not do the same for me.? Maybe it seems so simple but for me it should be. Woman have some limitations as to body size , but men have limitations multi tasking. These are differences we can not avoid but we would all be boring if we were all the same.

I was also bullied as a young girl by both boys and girls. Comments like “To different , a tom boy, too straight laced , too ridged.” I was not very popular. They liked the new era of free love and drugs we were in and I did not. I wanted to be included in there life but just did not fit in.

My mom she was a fashionesta for sure and wished that I would embrace her love of fashion. I was comfortable in my brothers clothes and old fashioned granny boots. It protected me from having to fight off boys in that way. I found that this way guys did not look


at me as meat but would have a conversation with me that was more in depth. Girls not so much. I remember one time I decided to wear my hair down long and blonde as I had always worn it up with a pencil. I wore a mini skirt , and cool boots. Went to class and no one know who I was. they thought there was a new girl in there class. Guys were saying you are so beautiful why do you not dress this way all the time? Girls were in shock and said they thought I was just weird. I explained to all of them that this was why I did not dress as they did because it made me feel uncomfortable and that the way they saw me was because of how I looked not of who I really was.

So my dear readers I ask that you remember “elegance last forever” no matter what your style be true to yourself. Keep that little piece of what you think is elegant and wear it in what ever fashion you wish.

I like beautiful jewelry, lace, and blue jeans. I enjoy blazers, and white tee shirts. I found my feminine side and enjoy it now.

This is why I created the PJ BUNDY COLLECTION to have something that makes me feel feminine with a kingship with the past no matter what I wear.

The jewelry has no boundaries as neither do I. At this time in my life I still ride horse’s , live on a farm, fly airplanes


and do it all while being famine and comfortable in my own boots.

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