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     It has been awhile since I last wrote to all of you.  I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to it.


     Some times life gets in the way of what you want to do and that you have to do.  I am sure you can all relate on this.  I have been studying again as well as shopping. 


     It is amazing how in other parts of the world different vintage designers are more coveted then others.  I see pieces from Canada that here in the Us no one would know.  So I thought I would right a pieces on what is in the name.


     Does it matter if it is Chanel , or Miriam Haskel, Geffory Bean?  Why is it that we want the label.  Is it that we perceive it to be better quality? Or investment. Is this why we wear shirts with the pony or alligator on it. Do we need to show we have it?  I have found so many beautiful pieces where the workmanship is great and the quality superb but no name.  Should I discard them ?


     I use them for the art lover in me compels me to do so.

The story of who wore them and why, is what leads me to these pieces any way.   History is such a beautiful part of our life.  It enriches us in so many ways.  


     The Golden Gate Bridge for instance is a dramatic structure that it is so recognizable the moment you see it, but how many of us can remember or know who designed it with out looking it up?  The Eiffel tower such a romantically moving piece that Paris would not be the same without it.  Yet who designed it?   So I think you can see what I am getting at. “ What is in a name?”  


     The Pj Bundy Collection may not be as big as Chanel , or Ralph Lauren but dose that make me any less creative, or a designer?

I hope not.  I enjoy what I do, sure I would like to have a name you will remember for generations to come but the truth is I design because I love it.  To see the joy on your faces when you wear it. 


     So It comes down to “what is in a name? “ For me inspiration to continue to aspire to be the best , to have fun, to make you smile.  So I hope when you wear your pieces you will remember there is a designer behind it who loves what she dose and appreciates your love an support.

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