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Downton Abbey Designer

Posted by pj bundy on



  I was looking up some things this morning and found this site of a designer for Downton Abbey.  First words were Wow!!


  This man is young and artistic such a lucky combination for a long career .

One that I hope we get to fallow for many years to come.  I would love to meet him and talk shop.  That would be a inspiring conversation for sure.  It such a short time he has seemed to be a old sole who has transformed the past into his work shop for designs that envelope the era of times past.  I am posting this link for all of you to look at this fine work and would so love to hear from you on your feelings .  Andrew Prince is his name funny as it was my Grand Fathers name as well.  Maybe we are related?  I would love to think so as we seem to love the designs of the past.

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