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Downton Abbey




I ran across this great web site for Downton Abbey fashion and jewelry and thought I would share it will all of you.

It is so nice to have something you love right at your finger tips.

Designers of these fine costumes are wonderful for bringing them to the screen.  The Show helps shed a light on the life in a era past.  

Any time we can study history will give us a better glimpse into our future.


Life seems to be happing so fast these days,  it is nice to see it slowed down in this  time gone bye show.  I find it hard to keep up with the computer age and social media but I am trying.  Watching the Edwardian time has shown me what happens if you do not keep up with life as it changes.  It will do so no mater how hard we try not to.  The only choice for me is to do the best to keep moving forward, to educate myself and to depend on friends who have more knowledge then I.  When we stop striving to learn we are at the end.  Yet it is so nice to have a show like this to slow down for a hour.  If you get a chance check it out and comment on your thoughts.


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