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the vintage jeweler who gives to much

Posted by pj bundy on




I wanted to know from all of you have you ever felt like you give to much?


I feel this way often.  I have always prided myself for sacrificing myself to 


make sure others were taken care of before myself.  Most Mothers know 


what I mean.  We do this everyday and call it family.  But for me it has gone 


much farther then that.  I took care of a dying brother, a mother who is way 


advanced in age, demanding and a husband who is also not well.


I feel so many times that there is not enough of me to go around.  I love 


writing my blog and making jewelry but I fall down in so many areas that I 


love and it is time to change that.


 Any one have a idea for me.  How do you have it all?


I do not know as much of today’s marketing on line.  I try but again fall 


short.  A kind person has tried to help me but with a full time job a wife and 


baby on the way he has had to back away. I want to be the very best for


myself and for all of you. If any of you have a idea I am all ears.  I would


appreciate any advice. Please do not think I am crying in my wine I am truly 


just asking for your thoughts

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