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Little black dress with a vintage necklace

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I am often asked why should I wear a vintage necklace with the little black dress know as the (LBD). I try to explain that wearing a bold necklace gives you presence.  People will notice you instead of just the LBD.  They will not remember your name but they will remember what you had on.  This has been proven so many times.  One of my clients went to her interview for her first job.  They had hundreds of applicants , I told her to wear one of my pieces , she did.  After she was hired she had a opportunity to look in her employment jacket and found that it said her necklace stood out.  Snappy dresser. Was not afraid to be noticed.  For the job they were hiring her for  she needed to be comfortable in her own skin , to be a go getter.  She told me that is now her lucky necklace.  She wore it on a special date and now is married.  Funny she wore it to her wedding.  It is a cool story. It makes my heart sing.  Please keep them coming. Vintage jewelry is what I love.  you makes me feel  appreciated for what I do .  Thank you keep the stories coming.

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