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Caitlyn Jenner

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Can we all just say that in our new times that Caitlyn Jenner can live the way she wants to live and that we have become accepting of her.

I am applauding all of us.  I love the fact that her children have excepted her so well yet I do feel sorry for Kris.  Her husband has died. She has to mourn the loss of her love again.  And it is all in the public eye.  She can not mourn in private.  I wonder if I would feel so hurt as well.  I think you would feel abandon, and a lonely.  It is sad for her and then you have to see Caitlyn on every news station and magazine, news paper as well as social media.  As a friend of mine said after her husband came out to her. “there is not enough Victoria Secrete underwear to make him love you again”  So I think in Closing, Caitlyn Jenner I am so happy for you and Kris Jenner my heart goes out to you for your loss.

Also Amy Leibowitz you are masterful with a camera.

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