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What dose it mean to have courage to you?  For me it is so many things.


I have had courage to become a pilot and start a company.  To end a bad 


marriage and start over with a child.  But where I really wanted courage


was to walk into a store and sell my product or ask for a better deal.  This 


weekend I did the later of the two.  It was scary and exciting at the same 


time.  But I realize I think I still need a good salesman to represent my 


jewelry line.  I really need the time to create instead.  But I would love to 


find that courage to feel complete.  If anyone of you know a salesperson 


who is willing to work on commission who can sell jewelry please let me 


know.  You have all been so helpful to me over the years and I look forward 


to your continued support and friendship.



Thank you PJ Bundy

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