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Coleton and wight loss

Posted by pj bundy on


I have always believed that we should live life on our terms. We get so muddled up with what we should do instead of what we could do. Life is a challenge that we can meet with joy or sadness. I have chosen to live it with joy.

I need to loose weight like so many people and have struggled for years. I told my son about this feeling I was having about not being able to loose the weight and being ill. He called me to ask if he could come up and take me walking at 7:45 am. This is a huge sacrifice as he lives a hour away and has a family. How do you process this,  much less say thank you to him and his wife for giving time to me. Time to make me feel as if I was worth it. To feel this loved is more then I feel I can handle . I am so overwhelmed .

I want to do this for me but I have to say Colton has become a major part of it. How does a woman who loves to design jewlery for woman who want to be beautiful get to a place like this? I know it is from older age , Menopause, but to feel this loved gives me so much motivation. I owe him my honest try for the time he gave up for me.

In closing today this day is a life changing day for me. I will keep you posted. If anyone else has great advice for me please send it on I could use all the help and motivation I can get.

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