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It Is All In The Story

Posted by pj bundy on


Have you ever sat next to someone on the train and always wondered what there story is. I have a great interest in the human spirit and the stories that lie in the heart. It is funny that people love to share there stories. Before they get off the train they are smiling with the wonderful memories they have just shared and more important that someone cared to listen.


This recently happened to me when a gentleman sat down next to me and I noticed his watch. Curious me asked the question where he got his watch.

He told me how he and his girl had met in college in a marketing class. They dated for a short time and then moved in together. They worked hard to get a education and pay there bills.  They suffered through many a ham sandwich for dinner.  He said she never complained. Graduation was around the corner and he heard about a job he wanted in Paris. He applied and got the job. She gave him the watch the day he left to move to Paris to start his new job. He told her it was for a year but one became two and then three.  He just stopped calling and never knew what happened.


Twenty years has gone by he moved back to New York. When he looked at his watch he always had a warm feeling followed with a hole in is chest. On a cold and rainy day  he sat down next to a stranger on the train who noticed his watch and asked him the story.  As he turned to tell her the empty feeling he had was gone and a smile replaced his cold face. After twenty years the watch brought him back to the woman he had never stopped loving.  So as you see “It is all in the story of the jewelry”


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